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hey beautiful
Hi guys, I'm maria!
here's to demi lovato's booty, ed sheeran's voice, sold out concerts' crowds, and the world's other great, big and beautiful things...
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illegal immigrants? you mean white people

except that white people didn’t immigrate into the united states… they funded the united states. you can’t illegally immigrate into a society you created. 

did you actually just say white people created society in america


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Dilmer watch Colombia vs Brasil


So I heard about you wanting something of dilmer watching World Cup and actually I wrote this the night of Colombia vs Brasil but I didn’t post it because Idk soo I thought “why not?” Since all of you were asking for it soo here it goes

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Demi and Ed fangirling over each other.
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Dilmer AU: Trouble - chapter 12


Chapter 12

She felt his hand touch her hip. She gasped. He wasn’t supposed to be there. He whispered words of love into her ear. They sounded fake, unreal, ironic. His casual fingers slipped under the material of her shirt and pressed into her hot skin just as he pinned her body onto the bed. He…

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